Monday, May 29, 2017


So yes! It's Tag-Ulan (rainy season). It's rained a couple times this past week, and I mean hard! There's been thunder and lightning and brown outs but its GREAT! So it looks like I suvived my first summer here in the Philippines!!

So lately it has been so hard here in Rizal to be able to teach lessons. Elder Almasin and I have undertaken the task of focusing only on the areas closer to the church, which is really hard. The missionaries used to live closer to the church so they would talk to everyone that lived over there. So it's been a lot of people that don't want to talk, or they say they have somewhere else to go. Sooo... our amazing district came to our area and we ALL worked here in Rizal, all 8 of us. It turned out well and as we were tracting we found an amazing family! We can truly tell they were prepared by the Lord!! Along with the 20 other refferals from the other missionaries in our district. We have seen that after patience and hard work and prayers, God can truly blesss you!

So we only have a couple of weeks left of this transfer and its been so fast!! I hope that I will be able to stay one more transfer in this great place!!:) 

Other than working as a missionary, I'm doing my best to become the best Filipino I can be here! I love it! Sometimes I forget that I'm totally white and wonder why everyone stares at me. But that's when I remember that my heart is filipino but unfortuantely my skin is still American.

Love, Elder Aguiar

Elder Almasin and I

My favorite district after our activity

My favorite little kids ever!

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