Monday, May 1, 2017


So, to sum up transfer day, look at the number of "s" above in the subject heading! And yes, that's how many months I will be staying here!! haha I didnt get transfered but will be staying here in Rizal for another transfer! 6 months altogether in Mindoro! Which Im totally ok with because its TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL HERE!! My new companion will be Elder Almacin, which I was told is hardworking, humble and kind, so I'm excited to meet him in the coming days!  Right now, I'm with two other Elder's until Elder Almacin gets here on Friday.

Experiences from this last week:
  1.  Nagbuhat kami ng palay We carried 50 kilo (110 lbs) sacks of rice on our heads and stacked them neatly ;) It was kind of a pain in the neck (PUN INTENDED) But I loved to help serve our members in our branch, even though I was a little stiff a couple days after
  2.  I ate Fresh Squid
  3.  I also tried my favorite "Kearns Nectar" Fruit, Guava ;) and something called Santol!
  4.  Became friends and got a return appt. with the Ukay-ukay Sister! (she sells used Japanese ties :)

We were blessed this week to have a miracle happen!!! This past week, some of our investigators that were wavering on their baptism date for May 20th. So we visitied them on Sunday with a member. We found out their concerns and with much help from our member (our ward clerk who's preparing for a mission) he bore his testimony and shared experinces he had exactly similar to theirs. After much crying they decided all 4 to go forward with their baptism date on the 20th!!!!! Then as we all knelt down in prayer they thanked God for us and that they were able to have us in their lives :)What a MIRACLE!! What a blessing from Our Heavenly Father!! 

I'm so thankful for Him and for His many blessings in my life. Even someimtes when we feel like we aren't worthy for His love and blessings, remember that YOU ARE! You are His child and He will always answer you no matter what!!

Have a good week to all of you!!! 
-Elder Cody Louis Aguiar
(Apparently my letter last week did not send! SO I will include pictures from last week too!

Baptism of Nanay Corazon

"I love you random citizen!"

Members home

Zone Meeting

Mystery rash!  Going to the doctor today!

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