Monday, March 27, 2017

What Subject...

This week was really fast, and I'm still trying to wrap my mind around how I'm here emailing again already..

Anyway, it's almost the end of March and summer has started here in Mindoro! Just like Sister Koster (our Mission President's wife) said "Summer here is hot, believe it or not, hotter than Las Vegas." Let me tell you, she was right! Between the sun and the extreme humidity here in Mindoro, I've turned really dark.. I have been using tons of sun block lately, and my companion has NO IDEA what it is.. He doesnt believe me that it keeps you from turning dark! haha its the funniest thing ever!

Alongside the extreme heat, we are having the oppritunity to teach Sister Gonzaga! She is a mother of 2 twin girls that were baptized last year. And from the example of the twins, she has a burning desire to be baptized!! She is preparing herself for the 3rd week of April to enter into the waters of baptism! SO EXCITING!! :) I'll keep you updated this coming week!:) 

Oh and General Conference is coming up!! I'm so excited. Because the time here is advanced, our Gen Conf. will be the 2nd week of April. A little late but I'm excited to watch:) 

Just a short email this week, but I'll be ready to share some great things next week!:)

One of these pictures, has a tree growing on a tree! I thought it was weird.. You can see the roots coming down the side

Hey Fred!  Look, Peterbilt!

My Area

A tree within a tree

Monday, March 20, 2017


Drum Rolll... I'm going to... stay here. haha! I will be staying in Rizal for another transfer! I won't be getting a new companion, so everything will stay the same for the next 6 weeks! I remember what Brother Rutherford told our class in the MTC. Your MTC experience, your first 6 months and the rest of your mission will feel like the EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF TIME. I thought to myself, "How is that possible?" But being 9 months out, I understand fully what he told us back in the MTC.

Highlights of this week:
-Micheal was baptized!
-We got to go work in the rice fields (harvest na) in our proselyting clothes
-I rode a Caribou
-Brown Outs

So we had the opportunity to baptize and confirm Micheal this past week! He shared his testimony afterwards and it was so strong! He knows with all his heart this church is true and I'm grateful for him!

So I haven't really talked about Mindoro that much since I have been here. It is an Island, so its really beautiful. But it also means, life for people here is harder. Even at our house, we have NO running water. Haha. They only have bumbas here (water pumps) that are used by the community. So everyone just comes and goes when they need water. Also, there are like 20 brownouts here a week. Where everyone's power goes out. (It gets especially hot without a fan). But everyone is so happy all the time! There are always people that want to talk and have a conversation, they are the best!

I'm grateful for the people here and for all the lessons I have learned from living here. I'm grateful for the love of my Heavenly Father and for Him always being there to help me through my ups and downs. I'm thankful for the knowledge that no matter where I am in life, what pains I feel, I can always feel the unceasing love of my Father in Heaven!

Elder Aguiar

Harvesting in the rice fields

Caribou Jockey! :)

Peditin Family

Binyag Ni Micheal​ (baptism of Micheal)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Ang Bilis! (fast!)

So transfer day is next week on the 22nd and its gone by so fast!! I love it here in Rizal and love the people. This week, we get the opportunity to baptize Micheal. He is so great and has such a strong testimony of Joseph Smith and the Gospel. 

This week has been full of trials and obstacles to get over. That part of life is inevitable, the challenges we face in life will never change. That is the whole purpose of life, to gain knowledge through trials and mistakes. Though we can't change the problems we face, we can however change our actions, thoughts and desires during our trials. I read in the Liahona this last week that, we are given trials NOT because we have been disobedient, but because the Lord TRUSTS US to get through and learn from them. How great is the feeling to have the Lord trust you? If we try hard not to shrink or look inward during hardships, but to instead look outward, and to remember during our trials, about the Lords trust in each one of us. This week like I said, has been hard for me. I've faced things I never have before in my life! But I tried my hardest to look to our Heavenly Father for strength, to have a prayer in my heart and I can tell you sincerely, that I have grown in my love for others, for my Savior Jesus Christ, and for the grattitude of the trust of the Lord has in me.

As I close, I know we have a loving Father in Heaven. That is not a title, but God is truly loving, He is our Father in Heaven, and let us all put our trust in Him and Jesus Christ and embrace the refiners fire. I know that as we all do this, as children of God, we will be able to increase our "Attitude of Gratitude". I know honestly with all of my heart that this Gospel is true, and I'm grateful to have a knowledge of God's love for me.  I love you all!!!

-Elder Aguiar :)

(I don't have pictures but hopefully next week)

Monday, March 6, 2017

Wait... You mean it's P-day again?

This week was so very fast.. It was sooooo fast!! I can barely remember any of it.. hahah

So this week was full of meetings!! We were able to have Zone Conference here in Mindoro and hear from President and Sister Koster and it was absolutely amazing!! They talked about a lot of simple things but they were so great.

One thing President talked about that I absolutey LOVED was about power and authority of our call as missionaries. Our authority as missionaries will be with us always. The only person that can take our authority away is by our Stake President when we return home after our missions. But as missionaries, we can take the power away from ourselves, through disobedience to the mission rules or not living in harmony with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The convincing power of the message of the Restored Gospel doesn't come through us, or our knowledge, but it comes through the Holy Ghost. So, if we aren't being obedient, that power will leave us and we will have little success.

Another thing I liked and really sunk in, is when President Koster had said, "We are here in PQCM (Philippines Quezon City Mission) and we dont have time to be disobedient!" With a big smile on his face. I loved it.

But that was basically the highlight of my week this week! Sorry if its a little short, but I will leave with a simple testimony. I'm grateful for the Lord Jesus Christ. For His Perfect example here on earth. I know that He suffered for each one of us individually, so in turn he could "succor his people" (Alma 7:11-13) and in so doing, He knows every feeling of sadness or turmoil we will ever feel in our lives. He knows all of our feelings because He, The Greatest of All, has suffered even death, so that we may live with Him and Our Father in Heaven again. ​

Elder Aguiar

P-Day bike ride

Not my hand.  I wouldn't go near it!

Bike accident

Missionary pose