Monday, June 19, 2017

New Week in Antipolo City

Anu bi yann. magkaiba talaga dito.. Oh wait, english. WHOOPS!! So I'm here in Antipolo City and the first thing that I will tell you is that I feel totally out of place in a more city-like enviorment. I honestly am really trying to adjust. Our area has seriously HUMONGOUS hills  we walk up and down and my legs aren't used to it yet.. haha but it's all ok. There is actually a ward here, not a branch, and they are way funny and so very nice.

My new companion is Elder Rey and this only his third transfer here on his whole mission. It's really weird helping someone else to become a more effective missionary because I feel like I'm still trying to learn myself, but he is really hard working. Also, we have another companionship in the house and they are all native filipinos. LONG STORY SHORT I haven't heard or even had to think about English this whole week. These last couple of transfers I have been blessed by the Lord and he has increased my ability to speak this language. Before, when I was newer in the mission, no one could understand me, but now I'll catch myself just spitting out Tagalog super fast and it surprises me talaga! 

I've been able to come a lot closer to the Lord this last week, and I can tell you that He is absolutely amazing, and even "amazing" cannot describe the glory of Jesus Christ or our Heavenly Father. I can honestly say that there is no word in the whole human vocabulary that can describe the feelings I have of the tender mercies we recieve from our loving Father in Heaven. All I can say is that Christ lives, He truly does, and so great is the joy of being His children! 

Elder Aguiar

Saying goodbye to the area and people I love the most

Goodbye Mindoro!

Going out for the day with Elder Rey

Monday, June 12, 2017

Transfer Time!

Transfers are this week! In other words, I don't have much time for emails... But I will have time next week! :) I will be transfering back to the mainland to Antipolo! It's a brangay up in the mountains they said, so I'm excited!! My new comp will be Elder Rey. He just finished his first 12 weeks in the field so I will be his first senior companion! 

This week was amazing! Elder Almasin and I killed it this week! Even through the most rain I have ever seen in my life, we were able to still represent the Lord! We were able to get, I think, 7-8 bapstims lined up for the last week of June and the first week of July! I really don't want to leave here, because I don't just love the area but I love the people... Here in Mindoro, my life has changed and its hard to leave, but what a blessing. Even though I won't be able to see the baptisms go through, I'm still happy! Also, thank you for the many birthday wishes! I loved hearing from all of you!

Elder Aguiar

We surprised Sister Hermoso for her birthday

Pulling a boat in from sea (everyone that helps gets free freshly caught fish)

We climbed up a tree and got some lungka

Companionship unity ;)

They wanted to get a picture with the only person transferring.. (ME)

Sunday, June 4, 2017

One Year Older and Wiser Too!

So what a coincidence that my birthday is on P-day! haha I loved all the wonderful emails from you all!! I love you :)

Anyway, this week was pretty great!! Elder Almasin and I as always, are so happy here in Rizal. We have also agreed that this transfer was so amazingly fast! We have transfers next week and I have no idea where I will be assinged, but I will surely be happy where ever I'm assigned! This week after 5 weeks of working our hardest, we have seen so many blessings from the Lord!! We have found multiple families that are interested and were definitely prepared by the Lord for u,s and the wonderful message of the Restored Gospel!! We also received a referral from a family in our branch and the Cassimero family is golden! Sister Cassimero had so many questions and is so interested!! After our lesson she thanked us for teaching her and was so happy to finally know what makes sense to her and to the spiritual hunger she has! 

I know without a doubt that God is indeed our Loving Father in Heaven, he will not let us out to dry or fail. He is our Literal Father and knows what's best for us. If we have faith in Him and in Jesus Christ, all things will happen for the better. I'm so thankful for the wonderful knowledge I have of the Divine Plan that God has for us. 

Elder Aguiar
Elder Batman :) We caught this bat in our apartment

Happy birthday to me!

My little buddy

Having fun with the kids :)