Sunday, May 7, 2017

Miracles and Blessings

So I don't have time this week really so I'm so sorry!!  My new companion is Elder Almasin and he is from the southern Philippines. He is so hard working!! 

Just a quick story! On Saturday we were punted all day. All of our appointments fell through and everyone was busy. It seemed like we couldn't talk to anyone because they all had things they had to do. At the end of the night, just about 10 minutes before our curfew, we decided it was time to show our faith in Christ and keep working. As we were passing by houses, we felt prompted to talk to the people in one particular house. We stopped and we talked to the sister that was there, and just as we were getting to know her, her husband came home! It was perfect timing. We got to know them and found out they were former investigators and that they had a baptism date before that fell through, AND it was the same family I realized, that was on the teaching record I had read earlier that day! We had no address and no map so I had no idea where they lived! But through our faith and works the Lord lead us to that wonderful family! And Brother Calizo even attended church with us that very next morning!! What a miracle, what a blessing!!!

Going to do service across the river

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