Monday, March 27, 2017

What Subject...

This week was really fast, and I'm still trying to wrap my mind around how I'm here emailing again already..

Anyway, it's almost the end of March and summer has started here in Mindoro! Just like Sister Koster (our Mission President's wife) said "Summer here is hot, believe it or not, hotter than Las Vegas." Let me tell you, she was right! Between the sun and the extreme humidity here in Mindoro, I've turned really dark.. I have been using tons of sun block lately, and my companion has NO IDEA what it is.. He doesnt believe me that it keeps you from turning dark! haha its the funniest thing ever!

Alongside the extreme heat, we are having the oppritunity to teach Sister Gonzaga! She is a mother of 2 twin girls that were baptized last year. And from the example of the twins, she has a burning desire to be baptized!! She is preparing herself for the 3rd week of April to enter into the waters of baptism! SO EXCITING!! :) I'll keep you updated this coming week!:) 

Oh and General Conference is coming up!! I'm so excited. Because the time here is advanced, our Gen Conf. will be the 2nd week of April. A little late but I'm excited to watch:) 

Just a short email this week, but I'll be ready to share some great things next week!:)

One of these pictures, has a tree growing on a tree! I thought it was weird.. You can see the roots coming down the side

Hey Fred!  Look, Peterbilt!

My Area

A tree within a tree

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