Monday, March 13, 2017

Ang Bilis! (fast!)

So transfer day is next week on the 22nd and its gone by so fast!! I love it here in Rizal and love the people. This week, we get the opportunity to baptize Micheal. He is so great and has such a strong testimony of Joseph Smith and the Gospel. 

This week has been full of trials and obstacles to get over. That part of life is inevitable, the challenges we face in life will never change. That is the whole purpose of life, to gain knowledge through trials and mistakes. Though we can't change the problems we face, we can however change our actions, thoughts and desires during our trials. I read in the Liahona this last week that, we are given trials NOT because we have been disobedient, but because the Lord TRUSTS US to get through and learn from them. How great is the feeling to have the Lord trust you? If we try hard not to shrink or look inward during hardships, but to instead look outward, and to remember during our trials, about the Lords trust in each one of us. This week like I said, has been hard for me. I've faced things I never have before in my life! But I tried my hardest to look to our Heavenly Father for strength, to have a prayer in my heart and I can tell you sincerely, that I have grown in my love for others, for my Savior Jesus Christ, and for the grattitude of the trust of the Lord has in me.

As I close, I know we have a loving Father in Heaven. That is not a title, but God is truly loving, He is our Father in Heaven, and let us all put our trust in Him and Jesus Christ and embrace the refiners fire. I know that as we all do this, as children of God, we will be able to increase our "Attitude of Gratitude". I know honestly with all of my heart that this Gospel is true, and I'm grateful to have a knowledge of God's love for me.  I love you all!!!

-Elder Aguiar :)

(I don't have pictures but hopefully next week)

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