Monday, April 3, 2017

Happy, Happy, Maligaya! (Happy)

The weeks here never fail to get faster and faster... But on the upside, I contine to get happier and happier every week!

This week has been full of blessings! We have found many people willing to listen to the message of the Restored Gospel! One family in particular, The Acosta family are so sweet! We found tatay on the rode waiting for gas when we stopped to talk to him. He listened and invited us back! We were able to teach them and extend a baptism date for the 29th of April! They wanted to know how fast they could be baptized because they knew it was true! But we had to explain we still have other things to go over before they were baptized! Another one, is Sister Corazon. She is a mother of two twins that were baptized last year, and she has grown in understanding and her testimony so much!! Its been great to see! We are excited to say that she will be baptized on the 3rd week of April!!

I dont have to much time, but yesterday on Sunday, while we were teaching Sister Corazon at church and after as we were sitting in our meetings, I couldnt help but feel an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness! I realized yesterday that being on my mission has made me the HAPPIEST I have EVER BEEN in my life! 

On my mission, I have experinced many different trials. But after those trials, I have come to love my Father in Heaven more and grow in grattitude for his blessings toward me. I know with all my heart and mind that God is our Perfect Father. He hears our prayers and answers them everytime we open our hearts to Him. 

Elder Aguiar

Our Branch Presidents kids.  The cutest kids ever!

Post personal study time, featuring the Philippines of course!

A bird flew into a members home last night, they caught it and I got to hold it!! (Dont worry I dont have bird flu)

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