Monday, March 6, 2017

Wait... You mean it's P-day again?

This week was so very fast.. It was sooooo fast!! I can barely remember any of it.. hahah

So this week was full of meetings!! We were able to have Zone Conference here in Mindoro and hear from President and Sister Koster and it was absolutely amazing!! They talked about a lot of simple things but they were so great.

One thing President talked about that I absolutey LOVED was about power and authority of our call as missionaries. Our authority as missionaries will be with us always. The only person that can take our authority away is by our Stake President when we return home after our missions. But as missionaries, we can take the power away from ourselves, through disobedience to the mission rules or not living in harmony with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The convincing power of the message of the Restored Gospel doesn't come through us, or our knowledge, but it comes through the Holy Ghost. So, if we aren't being obedient, that power will leave us and we will have little success.

Another thing I liked and really sunk in, is when President Koster had said, "We are here in PQCM (Philippines Quezon City Mission) and we dont have time to be disobedient!" With a big smile on his face. I loved it.

But that was basically the highlight of my week this week! Sorry if its a little short, but I will leave with a simple testimony. I'm grateful for the Lord Jesus Christ. For His Perfect example here on earth. I know that He suffered for each one of us individually, so in turn he could "succor his people" (Alma 7:11-13) and in so doing, He knows every feeling of sadness or turmoil we will ever feel in our lives. He knows all of our feelings because He, The Greatest of All, has suffered even death, so that we may live with Him and Our Father in Heaven again. ​

Elder Aguiar

P-Day bike ride

Not my hand.  I wouldn't go near it!

Bike accident

Missionary pose

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