Monday, January 30, 2017

Again... What the Kwan?

As I said last week us missionaries have gotten a new schedule! Changes like this don't happen too often so it's VERY EXCITING! Anyway, we are now able to change our studies and our planning and all of that fun stuff to the less productive times of the day to be able to work the most into our days. We watched a broadcast from the Missionary Department which included 3 members of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles (Yes, the same kind of Apostles that Jesus Christ called himself!!) So it was very special. I know that this change is truly inspired and comes from the head of this church, Jesus Christ.

So, we had many miracles this week but there was one in particular that I would just like to share! Elder Baran, Elder Peni and I, have been working hard in our large area and with the members and Less-Actives the last 5 weeks. It says in the scriptures that "There is opposition in all things". Thats true with our hard work, Satan has been working just as hard or harder to stop us. There was just 1 instance out of a lot this week I would like to share before the "miracle" ;) We were teaching this new family that we just met in Iriron.  The lesson was going pretty well, they were asking a lot of questions and it was good. We started to teach about the Book of Mormon, when out of no where this random man that was very very drunk asked if he could listen. We said "Sure of course Brother!", and we kept going with the lesson.  Then out of no where he starts yelling and talking in gibberish.  I had no idea what was going on haha, long story short, he left and came back 4 times in the most crucial parts and doctrine of our lesson. It was ok, we kept teaching and it wasn't too much of a distraction, but I asked myself why Satan was trying so hard to interrupt the Spirit. After we finished it turns out the son of the family we were teaching and his friend wanted to work WITH US!!  It was so amazing to see something like that happen and have people be so receptive they wanted us to share the joy with others!! 

The miracle I'll share I'll make kind of quick because I'm running low on time. Our branch here in Mindoro is very small. Since I have been here, only about 50 people have attended church each week. So, like I said eariler, we have been working so hard and it paid off!! We had over 80 PEOPLE ATTEND church last week and we had 7 investigators come as well!!:) It was so great and such a miracle because I knew we were not the reason all those people came to church, but it was the Lord Jesus Christ.

To end, I know that Jesus Christ loves you and me, we are His brothers and sisters. I know that we have a loving Father in Heaven that knows and loves you more than you could EVER comprehend. He loves us so much He sent His only begotten Son to die for us and atone for our many sins (John 3:16). It is so humbling to know that God has a plan for each one of us and that is called the Plan of Salvation! 

Until next week,
Elder Aguiar

Day at the beach/caves with our zone and senior couples

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