Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Transferred to Rizal

I have been transferred again! But, I will be staying here in Mindoro still so, I'm very happy about that!! I'm moving to the area of "Rizal" which is literally the area right next to mine! What's funny is that the elders that are in that area, were our best friends. So, now I get to serve with one of them! My new companion is Elder Penetrante and he is Filipino.  We go pretty good with each othe,r so I'm excited about that! Rizal is actually the only area in our WHOLE mission that has BIKES! So it will be great to get some excercise in! 

Anyways, Happy Birthday to Austin and Ross!! :) I hope you "feel one year older and wiser too! Happy Birthday, to you!" haha I love you guys! 

So this past week, we were able to set TONS of baptism dates! It's been really great, and also this past week, Elder Baran (senior companion) had to go to the city to get his teeth checked on. So, it has been just Elder Peni (we entered the MTC together) and I together this week. Since we have been out the exact same time in the field, it was kind of tough to teach our investigators, but yesterday, (our 3rd day without Elder Baran) we were able to have our 1st successful lesson on the Atonement of Chirst. It was really great!! 

Mahal ko kayo lahat!! I know this Church is directed by Jesus Christ. The One who died for all of us, for all of our sins, all of our mistakes, all of our heartaches and pains. The One who is our Brother, and The One who I'm thankful to call my Savior. I know that just in times of old, when Christ's original 12 apostles were on the earth, that this Church is directed by power of the Priesthood, the same Power of God, Our Eternal Father. 

-Elder Cody Louis Aguiar

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