Monday, January 23, 2017

What the Kwan?!

So Kwan... This kwan has nothing to do with my email, but I'd just like to tell you about this beautiful Tagalog word!! :) The amazing Filipinos made this word that means... Anything you want it to. Pretty cool right? ;) haha I remember learning this word in the MTC but I haven't heard it actually be used until I was here in Mindoro.

Anyway, it was a great week!! We had Zone Conference on Friday, and it was such a spiritual uplifter. One thing that I loved out of the many great things, was President Koster had the senior couples speak to us about Christlike attributes, and it was perfect because I was studying that for the last couple days without even knowing they were going to speak to speak to us, and it was the most heart touching thing to hear the couple missionaries talk about Christlike attributes and how important they are, and to be able to hear of the insights they had for us younger missionaries was great too. To see that no matter our age, we are all sons and daughters of God, trying everyday to become like Christ. He is our perfect example in each of our lives, and as we try to become like Him, He will help us along the way.

During Zone Conf, we heard that there will be BIG CHANGES IN THE MISSIONARY SCHEDULE! So we will have a broadcast by our beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson and the Quorum of the 12 Apostles :) It will be a very interesting and fun broadcast where we will learn the new changes to all the missionaries ALL around the WORLD!!

After Zone Conf, Elder Peni and I had exchanges with our district leader Elder Sanft. He is from Oregon and a great leader. We got to teach some of his AMAZING investigators, and also we got to ride the FIRST BIKES IN THE MISSION. So, in our mission we don't have any bikes, so it was exciting to ride the very first bikes the first day they arrived at our District Leaders house.

So, this week January 28th, we have a baptism planned for Noreal! He is 13 and he and his mom have been taking the missionary lessons and are more than ready to be baptized!!:) Noreal is the coolest kid ever! He's kind of shy but is very funny.

I know this church to be true. I know that there is a life after this one and the Lord wants us to live with Him again as we did before. I asked myself why I was sent to the Philippines, why the Lord knew the Philippines would be the perfect mission for me. I was pondering on a long trike ride a thought came to me. "Because the Lord loves me." But then I said to myself of course he does, and then another thought came to my mind. "God sent me here because he loves me... And so I can share His love with those that don't know Him". What a wonderful thought right? 

"For God so loved the Philippines, he sent one of His beloved sons half way around the world to preach His Gospel" :)

-Elder Cody Louis Aguiar​

President and Sister Koster and our new zone t-shirts

Elder Peni on the first bikes on Mindoro

Jealous of my watch tan line?

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