Monday, January 16, 2017

Hangin' In

Hello! I hope this was a great last week for you!  Just to answer some questions, the language is coming along! Slowly but surely. I taught on Sunday, and it wasn't the best, but it ended better than it started. It's really hard because this branch relies on missionaries for everything and they never want to teach. I got an email from president last week with him saying he has hope and knows that we can strengthen this branch, which is so much work. All the missionaries in Mindoro know about our area because there are a lot of problems. We don't know how to fix everything but we are trying.
Some interesting facts about where I live: 
Our area is so beautiful, there are tons of beautiful sites to see always and the people are pretty nice.
And I hit my head on everything here!! On houses, boards, I'm not that tall but I always have to duck to get into peoples houses.

So, this computer I have right now can't upload any pictures, so hopefully next week.  Mindoro is great and I'm happy to be here and to be in such a great place. 

We have to go even though I just got on. I have been waiting for a computer for over and hour and now they are telling me we have to go.  Have a great week!

Love, Elder Aguiar

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  1. What a great message. This is Sister Jensen, Christian Flanagan's grandmother. I'm so proud of you guys! I smiled at your comment about hitting your head. Several years ago I visited Boston and was able to get on the Mayflower (or a replica) and I was amazed at how low the doorways were. I guess we have grown taller and taller in each generation.
    I'm so happy that Sam and Isaac are good friends. You have an amazing family! Best wishes! :)