Saturday, July 1, 2017

Philippines Driver's License... WOAH

Sige sige, so this week was, I'm not sure how to explain it in English... Anyways, this week we had our p-day on Wednesday because we had meetings and let's not forget the TEMPLE DAY!  We went earlier today:) It was honestly sooo amazing. It was my first temple day since my first area! It was honestly just the best!! I feel like I'm walking on clouds right now :) So here on the mainland we get to go every other transfer, so I guess being here does have its perks.

MY Drivers License Experience
So as I said in my subject line, I had the chance to get my license here in the Philippines. Because I was just converting my license over, there was no driving involved. BUT there was an eye exam, and I forgot my GLASSES. So, I get up there and they say "Stand on the x and read #10", which was the smallest font known to man haha!! Anyways, they had me cover one eye and read then switch. Let's just say as I read I could not see it WHATSOEVER. So I GUESSED. I got all of the letters wrong.  I was worried, and the guy asks "Do you have glasses?" I said "Yes, but I left them at the house." You want to know what happened? He passed me haha!! Then as I looked over the sheet he signed, there was a hearing test which I passed apparently, but I never too!. So I guess as long as you can talk with the guy, you pass!! haha! 

Highlight of the Week
We worked in one of our farthest areas last week and we were able to have 4 of our different investigators in 1 lesson together. As we taught and reviewed about the Restoration, it was amazing!! The spirit was strongly present in the lesson. I had said things and taught things like I have never before. I wasn't nervous but words were just pouring out of my mouth. There was one nanay, and I asked what her feeling was about the last part of the lesson. She said it was an amazing feeling and that she had a "stirring in her heart" she truly wanted to know if the message we bore was true. We taught her about the promise in the Book of Mormon, that if you read it with an open and sincere heart, and pray fervently to God to know if it is true, he will manifest His answer unto you through the power of the Holy Ghost. She accepted!!! Talk about amazing!!!  

I'm so so thankful for this life that we have here on earth! To gain experience to become more like our Father in Heaven!! I'm grateful for the powers of Priesthood and Holy Ghost. They are true! God and Jesus Christ live. Jesus is the Christ the only begotten of the Father to bear upon Him our sins and burdens. He knows each one of us by name. Our Heavenly Father is our Father and listens to our prayers. 

Love you all! Enjoy this life and the beautiful blessings Heavenly Father gives unto each of us.

Your newly licensed kano,
-Elder Aguiar

"wala kong mga larawan.. pasneya talaga.." (I dont have my pictures...") Next week na lang!!!

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