Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Transfer Time Again

It is transfer day this week! It feels like I just got here!!!
But me and my companion will be staying here together in Bagong Nayon together. The Zone Leaders called me last night and told me I would be called as a District Leader in our zone. So, I'm just relying heavily on the promise from the Lord: For those He calls He qualifies! 

This week Arjay and JP passed their interview for baptism! So next Sunday they will have the opportunity to be baptized!! So amazing!! 

This past week, the Alaurin kids that we have been teaching said that their mom didn't want them coming to church anymore. She said that they are Catholic, and Christians are not the same, but we can totally tell that they are prepared by the Lord! We told their dad that the messages we have are better if your whole family takes part in them, but he just doesn't have time now. BUT after praying and having them pray, they are allowing their kids to attend church!! HOW GREAT!! Our goal hopefully is to have them as a whole participate in church and the great messages we have for them :)

This week has been full of work, but I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to be a representative of Christ in this amazing time! I'm grateful for everyday I have to become a better missionary and a better son of God through the atonement. I know that as people here on earth, we may feel like we are alone, we may feel like there is no purpose in life, but I know and testify to you that God not only loves us, He has a plan for each one of us. I know that the will of God is the best way to navigate through this life. As we strive to be humble and align our will with His, we will be successful and come to love our Father in Heaven so much more. LOVE YOU ALL!!

      Elder Cody Aguiar
Philippines Quezon City Mission

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