Sunday, February 12, 2017

Chicken Pox and Jack Fruit

So as the title implies, Elder Penetrante and I did got a huge Jack fruit! The title also implies that chicken pox is involved in my week... which it isn't.. Just tons of mosquito bites which are so bad that they look like chicken pox! (Sorry for the scare!) haha

Anyway, this week was great. I was able to go and see most of the Rizal area, and meet the nicest, most recent converts, investigators and members. The one thing I'm trying to get used to is the bike riding... It is honestly a KILLER! I'm not used to riding a bike all day every day!! I can walk for miles, but when it comes to bike riding, I haven't done it for a while... But it is still VERY FUN! It reminds me of the times riding all the way to middle school on my bike with all my friends! haha. Slowly over the week I have gotten a little used to riding for long periods of time but there is still room for improvment.

Also this week, we were able to meet some new people that are interested about listening to the Restored Gospel in the Fullest :) And also, they were nice enough to give us 8 fish and 1 20 pound Jack fruit and some Mango Apples!! What a week. But recieving food wasn't the highlight of our week. This week Elder Penetrante and I are teaching 2 little girls and they are almost ready for baptism on Feb. 25! Their older sister is a member and they like coming to church! Their parents said that it's ok for them to be baptized. Unfortunately their parents aren't that interested in the church. So hopefully in the future there will be an opportunity when they are more open! :) Also, there is a recent convert family that we have been visiting with everynight to go over the lessons and to help them continue to strenghthen their faith in Jesus Christ! :) The whole family was baptized a little while ago, except the oldest son. His name is JoJo, he is 19 and he wants to be baptized but is having trouble quitting smoking. So, every night when we go and visit, we try to do our best to help JoJo and encourage him to stay strong. If you would like to, try and keep them in your prayers to give him strength :)

So that was my great week in a nutshell. I love it here and the people are as always... The BEST!  Just as I love the people here, I love you all too! :)
-The White Filipino,
Elder Cody Aguiar:)

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