Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Time is Flying By!

What the? Time has flown by so very fast here in Rizal!! 

This week was full of hardwork, it was great! I loved it! The two little sisters I talked about last week, are getting baptized!! They are the smartest ever haha! They are so funny and they have loved coming to church. They loved the Primary program for all the little kids and were more than excited to take upon them the name of Christ this coming Saturday!:) We have found many new people to teach that are so interested. We went to Sittio Kulili, where mostly rice farmers live on this mountain, and they were more than willing to hear abour the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!!  JoJo that I talked about last week, has totally quit smoking since last week! What a miracle! I know that JoJo and myself have felt the abundance of love and confidence from your many prayers this past week!! Just as the Lord is, we are ecstatic for JoJo and his family :)

So this week, I know has been one full of miracles! There have been many many times this week that I started to just blurt out sentence upon sentence in Tagalog and guess what?? Instead of people kind of squinting at me trying to understand what I am saying, it's kinda like a bobbing head motion.. haha MEANING they understand! haha I have been so happy this week talking to many people this week. Despite my american accent, the Lord has not only blessed me with the language but has also blessed those that are listening, to understand me. I cannot put in words, the feelings of love, comfort and confidence the Lord has given me this week. Sister and Elder Sturgeon (my grandparents) sent me an email this week with a scripture they liked. Its Philippians 4:13. (NOT PHILIPPINES ;) ) haha, anyway it says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." This scripture has expained not only my week, but my whole mission. As humans, we have weakenesses, we have faults, we come short. But, as this scripture implies, Christ will strengthen us. IF we humble ourselves before Him and ask. (Ether 12;27). I'm so happy to know that my imperfections in this life can be washed away by the everlasting and atoning sacrifce of Jesus Christ. As sons and daughters of God, we need to, as said by Elder Bendar (of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles) "to have faith that the Lord's promises can be individual and personal to all of us. We shouldn't only believe in Christ, but believe Him". Believe in the comfort His promises can bring to us in our lives!

Thank you for all the thoughts, love and prayers from you all. I'm grateful to be blessed by so many great family members and friends:)

MAHAL KITA (I love you)
-Elder Aguiar

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