Monday, November 7, 2016

Humid and Happy

So I have just a short time (like always) but this week was amazing!! To start off I will tell you about Boy Cerdena. He has been my investigator for 9 weeks now. Ever since we have taught him, he has been very skeptical about the Book of Mormon. He would always ask for physical evidence and say that the Book of Mormon is not true because the Bible is the only word of God on the earth. So, as we have taught him these last 9 weeks, we taught him about faith and to just read the Book of Mormon.  Every time we would come back to teach him he would say "Just let me finish the book." So that's what we did. We sometimes came back just to talk about the Holy Ghost and what it feels like to receive an answer from God. Then we got to meet with him Saturday, and he had asked me and the missionaries that were with us about the "brotherhood and fellowshipping" (as he said it), and he wanted to know how we recieve people at our church. So, when he asked me, I told him that we are all children of our Father in Heaven, that he is my brother and because he is my brother, I want him to come to church and read the scriptures to feel of the same joy the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have. That joy is knowing of the true everlasting gospel on the earth. Towards the end of the lesson he said that he would COME TO CHURCH!! How amazing is that? I don't share this because he is coming to church but instead to show how POWERFUL the Book of Mormon is.

I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know it to be the word of God and I know it to be another testament of Jesus Christ, and because the Book of Mormon is true, I know this Gospel and this Church to be true also. 

If you are having trouble reading the Book of Mormon at times or if you havent tried reading it, read it. I know that you can change into the person God wants you to be, and if you pray sincerely and with real intent, our loving Father in Heaven will tell you, through the Holy Spirit, that it is true. 

Elder Aguiar

Mom, you asked for more pics!

Me and Elder Reyes

Me and Alfred

View from today's hike

Hiking with our zone

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