Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Transfers... Not Transferred

So sorry I didnt get to email yesterday, its transfer day so we have p-days on tuesday instead!

But I want to start off by saying that, through the help of the Lord, and faith and prayer, our zone was the top baptizing in the mission last month!:) So Im super grateful from the Lord. And the reason I say these things is that all success that I accomplish here I know for a fact isnt from me but from the help of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Also Elder Reyes and I are staying here in Tayuman for another transfer!

So this week has been pretty slow. Elder Reyes and I werent able to get out that much this week because of his knee.. We had I think 2-3 appointments with a doctor in the Manila Mission. So the travel time takes the WHOLE day. But after an x-ray and an MRI, Elder Reyes found out that he has a full ACL tear and also a meniscus tear in his knee. So we will have to go to physical therapy 3 times a week. He is great though because he pushes through the work day when we dont have doctors appointments! After his appointment, we got to help Sister Koster (President Koster's Mom) shop at S&R. Which is like a Costco but in the Philippines. It was so big and I saw alot of things from home there. But we got to know Sister Koster and Sister Pfau (President Kosters Sister) alot because they are kind enough to take us all the way to the appoinments we have!

I also want to say that I truly love the Philippines. I walked out of our house last week and smelled the air and "oh it smells like home". So im glad that this is my home for the next 2 years! I ALSO AM NOT A "GREENIE" ANYMORE! Haha! 

That's it for this week. Looking forward to working as hard as we can these next 6 weeks and to be able to be instruments in the Lords hands. This transfer I really got to see my faith grow in the Lord. I know with all my heart that Our Father in Heaven listens to all of our prayers. And he answers them always. I testify that Our Redeemer Jesus Christ knows you. He knows all your struggles, trials, sadness and heart break because he suffered for every single one of us. Because of His sufferings he knows how to comfort us and make us feel better and Im so incredibly grateful for that knowledge.

Here is a partial quote from President Ezra Taft Benson that truly touches my heart:
"...By his stripes we are healed".

Elder Cody Aguiar

Shopping at S&R (Filipino "Costco")

Kumon!  My old work place!

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