Monday, October 31, 2016

Rice and Rain

So this week has been super amazing. On Tuesday Elder Reyes and I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with the AP's in our area. I was kind of nervous at first because I'm still getting used to how big our area is, but it went so very well. We got to find new people and I got to learn from the AP's. They taught me a lot and I'm glad to be in the area I'm in!

This week, I want to say that I set a record with our kabahays (roomates). We had a rice eating competition and let's just say that I was very hungry that day. I had 11 cups of rice and some chicken on the side. It was pretty funny to see everyone looking in disbelief haha! Aside from eating cups and cups of rice, I'm losing tons and tons of weight. I cant keep any weight on whatsoever here. I'm going today to get some pants made for me that I can actually fit into! Its super great to be in the Garments capital of the Philippines because there are so many things you can get made.

On a more spiritual note, this week has been amazing. I know I have talked about this before, but it shows that it's real. The power of prayer is real. I'm still a "greenie" as they call it. So I'm still trying to learn how to survive in the mission field. I've been really trying to become the best I can at not only being a missionary but at speaking Tagalog, and this week I can see that I have received so many blessings from my Father in Heaven. As we were walking this week, we met a family that said that they had a Ang Aklat ni Mormon (Book of Mormon) and so we got to talk to them about it. They asked questions about it and asked personal questions about us. As Elder Reyes and I had said goodbye and left, I realized that I understood everything they had said to me and not only that, but I could answered them too!!

I'm super grateful for this mission. I can see that I'm becoming more and more refined and slowly becoming like Christ. Being here in the Philippines has helped me work on weaknesses I never knew I had and has helped me strengthen them. I'm not perfect at all, but I know through Christ and by coming unto Him and His gospel, we can be perfect.

Love, Elder Aguiar

Riding on a Trike

Me, my comp and roommates

I will go, I will do

Helping build a house

Beautiful sunset at our apartment

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