Monday, October 17, 2016

Another Week in Taytay

So I am very short on time this week, but I will try my best to share whats happened this week!!

Last Saturday Donna was baptized! It was such an awesome experince to see someone who doesn't know much about the gospel, but has that desire to learn more about Christ and God. To see someone progress in the gospel is one of the most tremendous things you can witness. I know that she has a lot of potential and I'm glad to meet those people prepared by the Lord.

Another amazing blessing happened yesterday. Elder Reyes and I were walking to an appt at about 6 at night. As we were walking, a man came up to us and said he had a question for us. He asked what he can wear to our church! How great of a question was that?! We have never talked to this man before but as we talked to him we got to know more about his life and him. He told us that he was having trouble with his wife and kids, and because of that he has felt really depressed. As we listened to this child of God and the trials in his life we were able to see him as he really is. As Elder Reyes talked about church and about the gospel, you could see the look in his eyes of humblness and sincerity. As Elder Reyes spoke to him and as we both testified to him that God loves him, he started to tear up. I had a lot of love toward that man and hope to see him this Sunday because he gave us his word that he would attend. I know that we all are instruments in the Lord's hands, and that one of the most powerful things we have on Earth is the power of Prayer. I know that the Lord listens to us and blesses us and knows us perfectly.

Elder Aguiar

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