Thursday, August 4, 2016

Week 4

Lets just start by saying it was a very eventful week!  Sunday was great as always! I was called as sacrament coordinator so Im in charge of the sacrament for our branch of over 110 missionaries. Its pretty cool. I had the opportunity to bless the sacrament for the first time in Tagalog. Oh and it was my branch presidents farewell, so the MTC presidency came! As if I wasn't nervous enough! It was great though. I did awesome and didn't mess up so thank goodness for that!  Later that night we had an awesome devotional by Brother Allen who is part of the missionary program. So great. Then we got to watch The Restoration movie. I absolutely love that one. It is definitely my favorite. Monday, during excercise I was playing volleyball and hit my hand as I was swinging for the ball. It was pretty swollen after that. Later that day I couldn't move it. So Tuesday I went to the doctors and got x-rays. Luckily it isn't broken but they said it might be fractured in a bone on the joint of my thumb. So, I have to go back Tuesday and have them check it out again! Its doing a lot better, just a lot of pink and purple all over my hand. I thought it was funny because Camden (Elder Pisciotta) basically broke his toe playing soccer at the MTC and I thought he was ridiculous for that. But here I am with a brace on my hand in the MTC! haha Wednesday was super great! I got to host the new missionaries that came in!! It was super awesome to see all the families and get to know the missionaries and where they are going. I hosted 3 missionaries. One was going to Melbourne Austrailia, one to Japan and another to Ogden Utah! I told the guys going to Ogden to look for the Tiners! haha but it was definitely a great opportunity to do that. The time is going so fast here its crazy!! Ill be leaving August 17th to the Philippines so I'm suuuuupperrrr hyped for that!! It's crazy how fast time flies here. The language is coming so good and my comp and I get to Skype with a member of the church in the Philippines tonight!! Im kind of nervous but I cant wait at the same time!! 

I know this church to be true with all my heart. I know that God lives and that His Son Jesus Christ died for us so that we could atone for our sins and live with them again. We are all sons and daughters of the most high God and I know that for a surety. I know that if we have faith in Christ and pray that we can be delievered from any struggles we go through. Through the Plan of Salvation, we can see our family again and live with them for eternity with God and Jesus Christ. Alam ko po na, sa pamamagitan ng Espiritu Santo malalaman tayo katotohanan.  May pananampalataya ni Jesucristo, at sa pamamagitan ng pananampalataya ng pagbalik-loob kayo
Have a great week and I cant wait to hear from you guys next week!!

-Elder Aguiar
My swollen hand
At the temple

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