Thursday, August 11, 2016

Week 5

Kumustaaaa! This week has been easily the best week so far here!! So last Thursday my companion and I did a "TRC" which is when you teach members of the church a little lesson, like home teaching or visiting teaching. And last week we skyped a Filipino that LIVES in the Philippines. It was super awesome. What an experience! He was actually at work when we were skyping him. He is a teacher and while we were teaching him about having faith in Jesus Christ, all these cute little Filipino kids kept peeking into the camera and waving! It was the best thing ever they were so great.  The guy we were teaching was super nice. Elder Hunt and I understood him alot more than we thought we would! But he most likely was speaking alot slower than usual, but Ill take it!! haha. Then on Sunday we had an awesome devotional by Matthew Holland! (The President of UVU and also the son of Jeffery R. Holland). But he went so in depth of Jospeh Smith and the History of the restoration and Josephs life. It helped build my testimony so much. In Ezekiel 37:15-19 It talks about the Stick of Judah and the Stick of Ephriam and how they will together in the Lord be together in his hand. And I know that those two sticks, which are the Bible and the Book of Mormon, are together in purpose, that they dont replace one another and that they both testify of the Lord and God. And through them you can come closer to Christ and know he lives and that he died for all of us. Then Tuesday, Neil L. Andersen (An apostle from the quorum of the twelve apostles) spoke at a devotional. And as a choir, we sung "More Holiness Give Me'' and "Happy Birthday' because it was his 65th Birthday. His talk was amazing and it made me feel so close to Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father afterwards. I can feel my faith increase every single day as I'm here. The greatest thing that I have learned here that will help me the most in the Philippines isn't Tagalog, but the faith in Jesus Christ that I have. And I know that through faith many miracles can happen. And I know that God is a God of miracles and that miracles still exist in this day. Then Wednesday I went to a hand specialist! Let me tell you, it was sooooo weird being out in the real world and having my companion and I be the only two missionaries in this huge building. I could really feel a difference being outside of the MTC because I know there is a strong spirit there and that angels really do walk the halls here. But it looks like my hand is thankfully FINE and I dont need any surgery on it. The doctor had said I need to wear a brace for about 6-8 weeks and that I only severly sprained my ligaments. So definitely a blessing!! And I also got to host on Wednesday again (help welcome new missionaries) and the ONLY GUY I got was from Las Vegas! It was super cool to talk to him. The vegas brothers/sisters band in the MTC is growing!! haha But I only have about 5 days LEFT IN THE MTC! I leave Wednesday to the Philippines!! Soooo crazy.. It went so fast, but I'm sooo psyched to be going to the Philippines, and I know for a fact that this is the right mission for me. I'm excited. Also this is our first week with music in our room!! Elder Davis got an ipod with tons of church music on it and its sooooo nice. 6 weeks without music has been a little tough since I love music! But anyways, Hopefully I'll be able to send off another email before I leave on Wednesday!! 
-Elder Cody Louis Aguiar

Elder Cody Louis Aguiar
2005 N 900 E Unit 102
Provo UT 84602
Elder Sasine and I Rocking free ties from the Distribution Center!! 
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