Monday, December 26, 2016

Getting Transferred to Mindoro

So sorry about last week but I didn't have any time to write a long weekly email. I was only able to email my mom :)  I found out this morning that I will be getting transfered to Mindoro! I will be in a trio companionship and with Elder Peni which was in my MTC batch coming here. I was very surprised. I'm excited to go and learn more in this new area! So, Mindoro is the only island in our mission which is pretty cool. It is very rural which I'm excited about because I love the trees and animals here. I'm also excited to learn more Tagalog these coming weeks because the island of Mindoro speaks pure Taglog. It will be difficult but I'm going with an open mind :) 

So, for Christmas Eve we had the opportunity to eat at the Bishop's house. We had so much amazing food! They had vegetables, tons of rice and all different kinds of filipino foods. They had lechon too! (a roasted pig). It was so amazing. 

For Christmas we went up to Marian Hills. It's the biggest mountain in our area and we got to go through a huge garden, with the life of Jesus Christ on statues and paintings. It was so beautiful to look at, and look over the whole city!  Afterwards, for dinner we had a picnic with members on the top of the hill looking out over beautiful green hills as far as the eye could see! 

I have tons of pictures today!!

Elder Aguiar

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